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Work for Make it Mentoring

At Make it Mentoring, we are proud of our connected, passionate and experienced  team and we work together holistically towards our mission. With colleagues based within our two hubs, at our Post 16+ House or out in the community such as in schools, colleges or out and about, we still manage to connect and work together to achieve a best practice for our mentees and create a team culture.

As a mentor with Make it Mentoring, you are supported by this teamwork and are able to access reflective practice every fortnight. There are opportunities to work with other mentors and link together mentees to enable and encourage socialisation. This can include everything from games nights to trips to the theatre. A mentor is also supported through line management and offered supervision regularly. 

Would you like to work with a company that knows your value and within a team that can offer you support?


Purpose and Value 

Make it Mentoring work to transform the lives of children, young people and adults, providing specialist alternative learning provisions and facilities, holistic mentoring with a focus on health and wellbeing and independent living skills. All these services with a person centred focus that ensures our mentees reach their full potential and more importantly, are happy. Our supportive and caring team make this happen with passion, dedication and teamwork. It’s their purpose.

The children, young people and adults we care for are central to our activities. We value their voice and will always try to create packages that are inclusive, holistic and follow their passions and interests Each colleague works hard to get to know the individual and learn how best to support their needs. Make it Mentoring strive to improve the environment and we are passionate about helping those we work with succeed.


Training and Opportunities

We strive to help our teams reach their highest potential and this starts from the beginning. Make it Mentoring Senior Team provide all new team members with a detailed induction program; that includes training such as safeguarding, boundary training and Team Teach plus customised support from our senior experienced mentors including shadowing.

In your journey at Make it Mentoring, you have the same opportunities to progress and learn additional skills as part of your professional development. Our career pathways also provide management, leadership, and professional training designed to meet best practice guidelines.

What we ask of and offer our employees

Make it Mentoring believes in equal opportunity and giving freedom to every team member to contribute in growth of organisation. We celebrate and encourage personal development which in turn, assists in the success and growth of the service we provide.

We offer:

  • An easy application process with form, interview and DBS check included.

  • Induction package with initial safeguarding, food and hygiene and boundaries training.

  • Flexible working hours whether full time hours or part time, within our learning hubs, at refer placements or in the community. 

  • Continuous personal development with a plethora of training available.

  • Supportive Team Managers and supervision.

  • Competitive hourly rates of pay with pension and holiday pay.

What we require:

  • Adults aged 18+ ideally with experience of working with children, young people and vulnerable adults.

  • A broad education with basic knowledge of literacy, numeracy and IT skills.

  • A driving licence and relevant car insurance.

  • A fun, passionate and engaging personality that is adaptable and open. 

Come Work With Us

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