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The Services We Offer

Providing The Mentoring You Need



Make it Mentoring offer flexible packages, and flexible patterns of working. We work with our referrers and families to bring support and mentoring that matches the requirements of all those involved.

We can work at individual and group levels so that the mentees we work with get exactly the mentoring they need



We have vast experience working with vulnerable adults, young people and children with different needs. This includes people experiencing challenging behaviours, school induced anxiety, those in care and people with physical and learning difficulties.

This lets MiM make a unique contribution and offer mentoring that finds inventive and holistic ways to get the best outcomes.


MiM work with families and young people from all walks of life. We can offer qualified and experienced mentoring staff to all those who need it, including young mothers and single parents.

Our independent living support and understanding of the social care system lets us bring the right types of support to each part of the process.


Educational Mentoring

Make it Mentoring have two specialist hubs for our younger and older service users. The learning environments in both hubs are mindfully set out for low arousal and offer facilities such as a kitchen, dining area, ICT and more.

We have experienced tutors that come twice a week to offer 1:1 core subject lessons. 

Make it Mentoring are able to offer functional skills qualification and are an ASDAN member and able to facilitate their programmes and courses for those aged 11+years.

Community Service

Health and Social Care

With referrals from the local authorities including social services and from the NHS, including CAMHS, Make it Mentoring offer bespoke, individualised and holistic mentoring with a focus on well-being. Working in partnership with the aforementioned services, MiM is able to offer 1:1 or even 2:1 mentoring for those children, young people and adults that are most vulnerable. We are also highly experienced with working with families where there are safeguarding concerns; being a lifeline for some. We can also offer respite care for those in need of a safe place.

Community Service

Independent Living Support

With a purposely renovated, secure and safe house, Make it Mentoring are able to offer respite care along with Independent Living Skills Support. With all daily tasks included, we aim to provide a warm and engaging environment for our young adults to learn how to look after themselves and be independent. 

Cooking, cleaning, shopping and even getting ready for the world of work are all projects our mentees are able to complete.

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