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About Make it Mentoring

How the journey began...

Make it Mentoring was the vision and passion of Reehana Sayeed in 2010. Joined by co-director Paul Daley, they have realised their dream of creating and managing an incredible Make it Mentoring family.

Following years of working within the school and social care systems, Reehana found that so many children and young people slipped through the net when it came to Special Educational Needs, Disabilities and Mental Well-Being. Not only this, but that support was not available for young people as they developed and grew into adults.

Reehana wanted to fill this gap by creating a community interest company that provided holistic support through mentoring, for families and their children, whether over or under 18 years old. Along with Paul, Reehana was able to connect and network with schools, colleges and local authorities offering mentoring services both inside and outside of their placements.

In 2019, Make it Mentoring moved from their first location to their current in Grooms House in Yate. Positioned next to a beautiful park and playground, the space and environment lent itself as a perfect place for Alternative Learning Provision. In December 2022, a new hub was opened for Make it Mentoring’s Key Stage 4 and post 16 mentees, meaning more space and more needs could be catered for.

Make it Mentoring is also proud to have opened its own Independent Living Skills house with rooms, kitchen and communal areas for young people and vulnerable adults to learn and grow. With a focus on building confidence and experience with Daily Living Skills, mentors are able to work with their mentees in a comfortable and safe environment



Get to Know Us

Our mission is to provide a seamless progression path, helping children, young people and vulnerable adults to thrive.

Through Make it Mentoring's intensive mentoring and support work over the past few years, we have identified several barriers to effective progression and change, primarily a lack of communication and cohesive support across agencies, families, and caregivers. Make it Mentoring have adapted the approach of how we work and mentor to help maximise the potential of its service users.

Make it Mentoring’s pathway has a person-centred approach. MiM works holistically to meet the needs of each individual by providing a range of intensive, specialist, group, and lower-level support options. We minimise the need for multiple services which ensures a focused approach that can involve, listen and respond to the families, caregivers and support networks.

When the support services, families and caregivers surrounding a mentee all work together, they can better understand and support their journey.

We believe this creates a cohesive package of support.

Our Vision

What we offer:

  • Flexible patterns and packages of mentoring or small group work depending on the needs of the young person; including daytimes, school hours, evenings, and weekends

  • Experience of working with vulnerable young people, young people with challenging behaviours, school refusers, children in care and young people with learning and physical difficulty

  • Working ‘out of hours’ including evenings, weekends and through holiday periods

  • Qualified and experienced youth work and mentoring staff

  • Independent Living Support

  • A working understanding of Social Care

  • Experience of working with young people who are supported by multiple agencies

  • Working with young mothers and single parents

Our Aims and Objectives:

  • Make a positive early intervention into the lives of young people

  • Work holistically with the young person, enabling them to reconnect with supportive adults and peers in school at home and the wider community

  • Work progressively with young people at an achievable pace set by them

  • Signpost young people directly to local specialist or universal support services and provide the introductions and link work to support them to attend

  • Support young people to develop emotionally, stay safe, make healthy choices and build strong relationships

  • Encourage young people to participate in activities that develop self-confidence

What mentees can achieve:

  • Readiness for life

  • Improved self-esteem and confidence

  • To be able to identify and meet their goals set at the start of the programme

  • Improve relationships with families or carers

  • More resilience with facing life’s challenges

  • Ability to identify their own strengths

  • Develop emotional literacy, improved communication and social skills

  • Express themselves more fully in order to communicate their needs

  • Develop independent living skills so as to sustain lodgings effectively

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