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The Referral Process

How Make it Mentoring works -from referral to exit transition.

Make it Mentoring takes referrals from schools, colleges, alternative learning provisions, local authority agencies and directly from families.

Our incredible senior management team will liaise and discuss the case with the referring person and arrange a meeting with the potential mentee themselves. Make it Mentoring is proud to offer a person centred approach to its work.



From here, the MiM team will match an appropriate mentor, or mentors for 2:1 pieces, for the mentee, create a support plan and initial sessions will commence.

Our work with the mentees have the premise of "working ourselves out of a role" where we look to achieve the goals and aspirations of the person as well as enabling them to support themselves and be independent, or simply transitioning onto their next level.

We have capacity to work with individual's for a 6 week block of sessions and we can even work with individual's for prolonged periods - we have worked with one mentee and their families for nearly a decade.

What a mentor can provide

Our experienced, adaptable and engaging mentors offer a range of different types of sessions for the individuals they work with; from home settings to school settings, out and about in the community to our MiM hubs or house.

Our mentors have the correct insurance to be able to collect and drive their mentees if needed, meaning that they can offer more flexibility.

Make it Mentoring mentors are professionals and advocates for the individuals they work with. Mentors or Senior Team can attend reviews, ECHP meeting, EHAPS and more.

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